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Our crews work 365 days a year to ensure that whenever and wherever they're needed, they are ready to save lives.

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Send a message to our crew

Send a message to our crew

Here are some of the wonderful Birthday messages we've received so far from our friends and supporters:

Karen Pedley:"Have a fantastic birthday and keep up the amazing work you do. We are donating proceeds from Burbage Riding Club Fun Show in October to support you and say thank you, love from all the Burbage Riding Club Committee xx"

Bev Tapp:"Happy Birthday. You all do an amazing job!"

Mary Doyle:"Thank you for all of your support."

Karen Bradshaw:"Happy Birthday with many more life-saving years to come."

Patsi Darcy:"Happy Birthday to a Wonderful group of people who do a fantastic job from Rustic Pumpkin Sewing Café & Coffee shop."

Allie Pearman:"Happy Birthday, God Bless you and keep up the amazing work that you do."

Brian Cox:"Keep up the good work saving lives. We are all grateful you exist."

Julie Smith: "Happy Birthday to staff and volunteers at The Air Ambulance Service. Thank you for all the great work you do in saving lives every day."

Hazel Fowler and Tina Burden: "Take Care. Keep up the good Work"

Hayley Chapman: Congratulations on your 1st Birthday. Great job done by all. Xx"

Lesley Hines: "Many congratulations to you all"

Teresa Mclean: "Happy birthday, hope someone gives you cake. I don't want to ride in your helicopter thanks!!"

Victoria Crooks: "Fantastic service and here's to the next ten years!!! Nags Head, Wollaston is proud to support you!!!"

Neil Plowman: "You guys are awesome, we're having a big party on 19th October featuring the amazing Ages of Rock Band.  All proceeds from the night are coming to you guys!!!"

Louise Jones: "Happy 10th Birthday from The Curve Group - proud to support you this year!"

Jean Neville: "Happy OctoBash everybody, let's make lots of money for this well deserving cause this month - Happy Birthday everyone"

Linda Wilson: "Well done everyone for your dedication and commitment to helping people who need rapid assistance."

Keith Verrall: "Thank you for helping to save my best friend, without you he would have bled out before he got to hospital.  He had a 5 inch tear in his aorta which the local hospital could not deal with."

Neil Hoppitt: "Congratulations on 10 years of providing lifesaving service to the people of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire."

Brian Parkin: "It's a great job you're doing for the community.  Brian and Judith wish you all the best for the next ten years."

Iris Ellis: "HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY."

Lily and Colin Johnson: "Congratulations on your 10th Birthday, and so many jobs well done!  Where would we be without you?"

Paul King:"Happy Birthday"

Ann Forster: "Congratulations to all the staff at Air Ambulance Service on achieving 10 years."

Eileen Donnelly: "You are an amazing team.  My husband is 6- in October and we want his party to be a joint celebration with yourselves."

Chris Breen: "Happy Birthday - see you there!"

Lisa Ashley: "Happy Birthday from the Market Harborough Building Society."

George Duffin: "You guys do a brilliant job!  Hats off to all you men and women!  Hopefully it will be me one day!"

David Cooper: "Well done for all your hard work and the time you give."

Hazel Fowler and Catrina Burden: "Thank you for all your dedication.  Keep up the good work."

Karen Holland:  "Thank you all for watching over us in our time of need. Congratulations on reaching your 10th Anniversary - lets fundraise!"

Mia Bennett:  "All we can say is a massive happy birthday……My family have so much to thank the Air Ambulance crew for.  In December 2011 they helped my sister who was only 4 weeks old.  You flew her to Coventry where she spent her first Christmas.  She is now nearly 2 years old and causes me trouble but I love her very much (Mia 6 years old)"

Paul Houghton: "Congratulations on your 10th birthday everyone is doing a great job."

Alison Handley: "Happy birthday!!!  You are all amazing!!  Thank you so much for all you do.  xx."

Rosemary Lass: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  You are all WONDERFUL!!!!  What a fantastic job… From the Lass Family."

Joanne Thorneycroft: "Happy 10th Birthday WNAA and Happy 1st Birthday TCAA!!  So proud to be part of such a truly amazing charity!!"

Dorothy Moran: "Happy birthday we couldn't live without you."

Deeann Kemble: "Happy birthday Air Ambulance on your tenth birthday from Grapevine Charity group in Coventry."

Jemma Longden: "You provide an amazing service - so glad we can support you with our fundraising.  We hope you will be able to continue the good work you do for a long time to come!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

Michael French: "Happy birthday all.  Keep up the excellent work for many years to come. See you on the day."

Louse Sheepy: "Thank you for everything you do for us : )."

Rachel Baldwin: "Enjoy your celebrations!!!! We hope to enjoy them with you!!!"